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Flash Fiction Magazine, 50 Stories 50 Authors Issue 1 (Feb 19, 2017)

​​Stories that won’t waste your time.
This enthralling anthology of flash fiction features very short stories ranging from a paragraph to one or two pages. 

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- Writer - Physician - Singer - Artist

A Tale of Two Holidays

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Holiday Party: Volume 2 (Dec 22, 2016)

Volume III Kindle Edition.
The Henderson Writers’ Group hosts an annual Holiday Party for all its members every December. In 2016, the event included a flash fiction story contest.

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Time on my Hands

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Writer's Bloc VII: (December 27, 2016)

A Vegas Valley Showcase (Volume 7).
Writer's Bloc VII is a juried selection of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and book excerpts showcasing members of the Henderson Writers' Group.

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